RANLP 2015 in Hissar, BG

Pictures from the Workshop

The EUCases consortium organised a workshop at the 2015 Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing conference in Hissar, Bulgaria.

LST4LD: Language and Semantics Technology for Legal Domain

The aim of this workshop was to bring together researchers in the areas of NLP, semantic technologies, legal domain modeling and reasoning as well as practitioners in the area of legal data processing, publishing, etc. to present and discuss their recent developments in this interdisciplinary area. The topics of interest were as follows, but not limited to:
• Ontological modeling of legal data
• Legal reasoning
• Language technologies for processing of legal texts
• Adaptation of language processing modules to legal domain
• Extraction of legal Named entities - legal citations, etc.
• Legal search engines - requirements, implementations, etc.
• Legislation and case law corpora in Linked Open Data

The workshop was organised by EUCases partners and the Linguistic Modelling Department at the Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of
Sciences (IICT-BAS).

Please find the presentations from the workshop here: eucases.eu/ranlp