Presentations from the RANLP 2015 Workshop in Hissar

Bartolini and Muthuri | An Ontology of the Forthcoming EU Regulation

Humphreys et al. | Classifying and Extracting Elements of Norms for Ontology Population using Semantic Role Labeling

EUCases | Introduction to EUCases

Schmedding et al. | EuroVoc-based Summarization of European Case Law

Simov et al. | A Multilingual Access Module to Legal Texts

Viber et al. | Aligning Legivoc Legal Vocabularies by Crowdsourcing

Presentations from the 2nd Expert Workshop, Sofia 2015

EUCases Consortium | An Introduction to EUCases

EUCases Consortium | EUCases End User Applications

Averbis | Text Classification and Summarization

Unito | Eurovoc

IICT-BAS |The EUCases Multilingual Access Module

Marc van Opijnen | Developments in the EU

Clemens Wass |

Christian Dirschl | Key Findings from LOD2, ALIGNED and related research projects

empirica | Bringing EUCases to the Market

Presentations from the 1st Expert Workshop, Torino 2014

APIS | The market for EUCases linked legal open data services

APIS | Legal Open Data – Overview of the State of the Art

Guido Boella | Introduction to EUCases

Andrea Maurino | COMSODE meets EUCases

Marc van Opijnen | Developments in the EU

Monica Palmirani | Legal XML

Reinhard Sander | e-Services for Legal Professionals

Clemens Wass | Openlaws overview