EUCases Public Deliverables

WP1 | System Requirements and Design

pdf icon D1.1 Report on the State of the Art and User Needs [PDF, 2636KB]

pdf icon D1.2 Software Project Documentation [PDF, 5392KB]

pdf icon D1.3 Interface Design [PDF, 3655KB]

WP2 | Data Acquisition, XML Conversion and Storing

pdf icon D2.1 Crawler Tools Report [PDF, 1029KB]

zip icon D2.1 Crawler Framework and Tools - Source Code [ZIP, 173213KB]

pdf icon D2.2 Legal XML Scheme [PDF, 1421KB]

pdf icon D2.3 LT2XML Conversion Tools Report [PDF, 1139KB]

zip icon D2.3 Example of Legal Docs converted to AkomaNtoso [ZIP, 404KB]

pdf icon D2.5 Database Scheme [PDF, 268KB]

WP3 | Semantic Data Analysis and Linking

pdf icon D3.1 NPL Toolkit Report [PDF, 2172KB]

pdf icon D3.6 Report on Linking Tools [PDF, 1126KB]

pdf icon D3.8 Report on Tools for Classification and Case Summarisation [PDF, 1318KB]

pdf icon D3.10 Multilingual Access Module [PDF, 356KB]

WP4 | Service Development

pdf icon D4.1 Publication of EUCases legal linked open dataset and Web interface querying EUCases Linking Platform [PDF, 1119KB]

www icon EUCases LLOD Web Interface

pdf icon D4.3 EULinksChecker add-in tools (beta version) [PDF, 2850KB]

pdf icon D4.5 EULinksChecker add-in tools (final version) [PDF, 3886KB]

pdf icon D4.5 EULinksChecker Source Code [ZIP, 43732KB]

WP5 | Testing and User Validation

pdf icon D5.1 Test Plan [PDF, 3395KB]

pdf icon D5.2 Test Report [PDF, 1265KB]]

WP6 | Exploitation Planning and Dissemination

www icon D6.1 Project Web Presence [this site]

pdf icon D6.2 Dissemination Plan [PDF, 1463KB]

WP7 | Project Management