The consortium

Apis is a leader in legal information systems in the Bulgarian market. The company has a flexible structure, with a full-time staff of more than 130 people engaged in developing software; Maintaining databases, Marketing and sales, Technical support and communications, Accounting, Administrative services.

About 200 outside associates – lawyers, programmers and economists – are involved in the building and development of the database and in new project implementation.

Averbis offers solutions for effective searchability, content-related structuring and evaluation of complex information inventories. We analyze unstructured and structured data, e.g. social media data, news, web resources, reports, patents, company-internal data, emails and research literature. Thus, we help you access and evaluate knowledge sources and automate information processes. By integrating in your business processes, we contribute to lowering your costs, boosting productivity, founded decision-making and better prognoses. Methodically, linguistic and semantic, statistical and hybrid search analysis processes are our core competencies. Our excellent team is constantly working on new innovations to always give our customers from the pharmaceutical and automotive industries and the investment, finance and health services a decisive competitive edge. Averbis was founded in 2007 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.

empirica has established itself as a leading European institute with a broad understanding of political, business and socio-economic issues surrounding eServices and telematics applications. The group has a permanent staff from a range of disciplines, including medicine / health, social care, IT engineering, (medical) informatics, economics, social, political, management and public administration sciences. This mix of qualifications combined with a well-established network of international partners allows easy formation of interdisciplinary and international teams well-tuned to the demands of newly developing markets or for new strategic and policy directions.

The Institute of Information and Communication Technologies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IICT) was founded on 1st of July 2010 as a sucessor of Institute for Parallel Processing (IPP), Institute of Information Technologies (IIT) and Institute of Computer and Communication Systems (ICCS).

By combining, in an unprecedented way, experience and high professionalism of a leading Italian ICT company as Augeos SpA with the creativity and inventiveness of the great teachers and researchers of the Department of Computer Science of Turin, Nomotika built up a flexible and competent technical staff which is dedicated, with passion and enthusiasm, to the realization of innovative solutions, to provide high value legal services and to facilitate the work of the law employee in a wide range of contexts of regulatory compliance.

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Torino The Department of Computer Science at the University of Torino has been established in 1984 as the transformation of the previous Information Science Institute that was founded in 1971. The Department hosts all the researchers of the University of Torino that are active in the Computer Science field and is the main supporter of the curriculum in Computer Science that is offered by the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical, and Natural Sciences. The Department also participates in several PhD Programs.

Scientific Support