EUCases is a collaborative Research Project supported by Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) funding.

The project is developing a unique pan-European law and case law Linking Platform transforming multilingual legal open data into linked open data after semantic and structural analysis.

Two SMEs from the legal information provision sector are developing, supported by the research partners, a portfolio of innovative data analysis and language technology components to enrich legal documents, transforming research into innovative high tech value-added services and products in the SMEs’ global market.

Two end-user applications will prove the viability of the platform.

The ConsumerCases online service will provide access to a multilingual collection of national court decisions linked with EU and national legislation and doctrine in the area of consumer protection law.

EULinksChecker will interactively assist legal professionals while editing or browsing documents by identifying and establishing connections with regulations and legal ontologies.

With 64% of the EU contribution for SMEs, the project responds to the EU’s priority for the establishment of a single European legal order by the availability of national databases on national court rulings concerning Community law.

EUCases has started in October 2013; its duration is 24 months.