Towards Linked Legal Open Data in Europe, Turin 2014

Photo by bluestardrop / CC BY 2.0

The objective of the workshop was to:

  • Introduce the project and its main expected outputs: The EUCases Linking Platform, The ConsumerCases online service and the EU LinksChecker add-in tools.
  • Present the state-of-the-art in Legislative XML, the basis for linked open data in the legal domain.
  • Discuss user requirements of the project's main target audience, i.e. legal professionals who need access to case law from other Member States.
  • Identify synergies with other ongoing RTD activities operating in related areas.

Please find the agenda here.

The workshop was held at:
University of Turin
Campus Luigi Einaudi
on Monday 16 June, 2014


APIS | The market for EUCases linked legal open data services

APIS | Legal Open Data – Overview of the State of the Art

Guido Boella | Introduction to EUCases

Andrea Maurino | COMSODE meets EUCases

Marc van Opijnen | Developments in the EU

Monica Palmirani | Legal XML

Reinhard Sander | e-Services for Legal Professionals

Clemens Wass | Openlaws overview

The project gives thanks to the members of the EUCases Advisory Board of Experts for their active contribution to the success of the workshop. Click on a name for a short CV.

Monica Palmirani is Associate Professor of Computer Science and Law at Bologna University School of Law in Italy. She holds a PhD in Legal Informatics and IT Law. Professor Palmirani is a member of CIRSFID at Bologna University, one of the leading centers for computer science and law worldwide. She is also a member of the technical committee for the standardization of CEN MetaLex (European XML legal standard), as well as member of the AKOMA NTOSO project managed by the UN/DESA (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs), which promotes XML standards for e-Parliament in Africa, and of the scientific committee of the LEX Summer School, at the European University Institute in Fiesole (Florence). Professor Palmirani’s main field of research is Legislative and Legal Informatics. She is an expert in XML techniques for modelling legal documents, and in legal drafting techniques supported by the ICT.

Marc van Opijnen works as a product manager for information services at Expert Center for Official Governmental Publications in The Hague, the Netherlands. He holds a PhD in Law. His main interests are in making governmental information publicly available as linked data, and in establishing standardization methods for semantic interoperability of legal information, at the national and European level. In his recent past, Doctor van Opijnen also worked as a senior legal adviser in IT for the Council for the Judiciary in The Hague, where he focused on the interface between law, administration of justice and IT: namely on policy, legal and technical issues regarding electronic access to justice and legal sources.

Michael Kienzler is Senior project manager and research platforms designer at Haufe-Lexware. The Haufe Group is one of the leading providers of solutions for integrated workplace and package solutions throughout Germany for the successful configuration of tax, commercial, and legal tasks. From a core of a successful publishing business, the Haufe Group has evolved as a specialist for digital and web-based products, as well as for continuing education and consulting services. The solutions of the Haufe Group include specialized information, applications, services, online communities, and specialist portals, as well as continuing education and qualification options, including personnel and organizational development.

Clemens Wass works at BY WASS Gmbh, a consulting company with a focus on law and innovation, and the initiator of the openlaws project. Wass obtained Master degrees in law, business law and business administration, with a specialization on entrepreneurship and innovation. He has ten years of practical experience in the area of law and legal informatics. Before joining BY WASS, he has been working for the University of Salzburg at the Institute for Comparative Law and for the IT companies SONY and SKIDATA, coordinating a high number of legal projects. Wass is external lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, has published several papers in the area of legal informatics and information law, and is the inventor of two patents.

Reinhard Sander currently works as a lecturer at the Macromedia Hochschule für Medien und Kommunikation, Munich. During his studies in business and social sciences, he has been working as a self-employed management consultant, primarily in cost and performance accounting. In the mid-1990s he founded a German subsidiary of the Swiss publishing house, Groupe SQP. From 1999 he has worked as managing director in several major publishing groups, such as Weka, Raabe, and Klett. Since April 2010 he has been a lecturer in the Master Course in publishing management, first at the Hochschule RheinMain, then at Macromedia..

Paolo Davide Farah is Assistant Professor of International Law at the West Virginia University (United States). He holds a double PhD in international law at Aix-Marseille University, Center for Studies and Research in International and European Law (CERIC), France and at University of Milan, Doctoral School in International Law, Italy. His main research and teaching areas of interest are public international law, international economic law and WTO law, climate change, environmental law and energy law, European law, Intellectual Property law, Comparative law and Chinese law. Professor Farah is also Director of Research of gLAWcal, Global Law Initiatives for Sustainable Development. gLAWcal is an independent non-profit research organisation (think tank) that aims at providing a new focus on issues related to economic law, globalisation and development.